TBM HDPE is waterproof membrane with “dual” waterproof layers, which technically and perfectly combines Valéron strength film with TBM high-quality modified bitumen.

Import Valéron strength film as liner of self-adhesive layer: world leading technology, cross-lamination, flexible and firm, excellent performance; Modified bitumen jointly developed by TMB R&D Team and International Scientific Research Institution: self-adhesive glue rapidly bonds with cement, and high polymer chain segment in the glue forms cross-grid structure with silicate in cement compound for integrated sealing effect.


  • Screw rod tearing strength of Valéron film is much higher than that of ordinary films, with superior tearing resistance transitivity;
  • Aspect contraction ratio of Valéron strength film is higher than that of ordinary films, with better anti-wrinkling performance;
  • Tensile strength and elongation are two mutually contradictory indexes. At the same tensile strength, Valéron strength film has larger elongation to resist deformation.


The powerful film is composed of thin film multilayer special formula through cross, laminated multi-channel processes such as production and become, it overcomes the disadvantages of ordinary film, has great tensile strength, anti-sun, no foaming, technical index can meet the requirements of the national standard of II type waterproof material, can be used as the surface material waterproofing.


  • A nail rod tear strength, a nail rod water tightness is more excellent than ordinary mask.
  • With strong cross film production of self-adhesive membrane than ordinary waterproof coiled material on the nails roofing fixing piece of bond stress is stronger, and higher tear strength. Because the nails through the strong cross membrane, vertically and horizontally staggered film to nail a wrapped function and the stress is the same, not tear. While the ordinary film is high longitudinal strength, transverse strength is very low.
  • Excellent tensile strength and two-way tear resistance, good weather ability.
  • Good dimensional stability, not wrinkle, waterproof effect is more reliable.


  • Roll material and structure are firmly bonded to roll any local failure, the water would be limited in scope is very small, not channeling. Even if the individual leakage, leakage and destruction is also the same point, easy maintenance. Self-adhesive layer is very characteristic “self-healing function” can make local self-healing by puncture point.
  • The construction of the environment adaptability and better. Wet base construction can be, without bottom coating, solvent, fuel, which can not only guarantee the construction period and the environmental pollution is avoided, friendly to the environment of construction.
  • To adapt to climate change hot and cold regions, also can form a good paste without Konggu in irregular part.


For underground waterproofing roofing, waterproofing and non-exposed, open cut subway, tunnel, water pool, water engineering, especially suitable for the no fire use projects; by the binding of cement mortar and the base, the material between the appropriate uses of self-adhesive lap.