TBM MASTIC is cold applied, non-flammable, single component, corrosion-resistant, water based bituminous waterproofing material


Damp proofing exterior below-grade foundations and walls, As water isolation material in dry or slightly moist details such as terrace, kitchen, bathroom, etc., As primer under bituminous coatings, As primer material and binder in fiber glass, canvas, etc. applications, As an additive improving tightness and adherence in the mortars and plasters formed by cement and/or fine sand, In order to prevent flexion of construction templates due to water and as template separator


  • Basis : Bituminous emulsion and Rubberized
  • Color : Dark brown
  • Density : avg. 1kg/l
  • Flash Point : No flashing
  • Application Temperature : +5°C / +35°C
  • Chemical Resistance : Resistant to diluted acids, alkali, chloride and sulphate ions


As it does not contain solvent, it is environment friendly and can be easily used indoors. It can be applied on dry and damp surfaces. After drying, it forms a water and moisture proof layer on the surface of application. It is used as insulating coating, as an additive improving tightness and adherence in cement based mortars and as primer under bituminous coatings after diluting with water.


The application surface should be free of dust, dirt, rust and oil. Loose parts scraped. Pointed tips and sharp corners should be rounded. If required, may be applied by thinning TBM MASTIC with water by 1:1 by weight.


Prior to applying the primer on the surfaces to be insulated, surface smoothness, surface dryness and the existence of a sufficient slope finish should be controlled. TBM MASTIC is applied on the surface by means of a brush or spray gun so as to be 400 gr per square meter and left until drying. It dries within approximately 4 – 5 hours, depending on the weather conditions. In double layer applications, the second layer should not be applied until the first one is completely dry. Application of bituminous membrane is started after the primer is completely dry.


Approximately 400 g/m2, depending on the smoothness of the surface of application. When used as primer, averagely 800 g/m2, depending on the smoothness of the surface.


TBM MASTIC is presented in 15 kg (net) plastic packages.


Life TBM MASTIC should be stored in a cool and covered place in a vertical position. It should not be exposed to sunlight. When stored in its original package unopened in a dry and cool place, its shelf life is 12 months.


It should be protected from frost during storage. Avoid contact with the eyes and the skin. Clean the tools with water immediately after application. Responsibility