TBM PBG is Plastomeric waterproofing membranes manufactured in an advanced continuous calendaring process by saturating and coating a synthetic carrier with a waterproofing compound made of a special grade of bitumen, which is modified with APP polymers. While the APP polymers enhance the thermal, mechanical, and aging properties of the membranes compound, the mechanical characteristics of TBM PBG is established by the non-woven continuous filament spun-bond Polyester which acts as the reinforcement that provides the membrane with its particular tensile strength, tear resistance, puncture resistance and elongation properties.

TBM PBG, Coated with reflective material on Top side (Green and Slate), and PE (Polyethylene) film on the lower side allow for the preparations technical and aesthetic details for different purposes on your roofs and applied with an oxyacetylene burner.

The coarse grained mineral granules (slate) are used for cap sheet membranes in double-layer water proofing system for ultraviolet protection of polymer-bitumen binder. Slate can be supplied in various colors that will provide nice aesthetic appearance.

Standard colors include natural green and slate, other colors are available on request. The use of hydrophobized slate ensures that the moisture does not reach the binder, the adhesion of slate increases thereby improving the service life of the roof.


TBM waterproofing membrane are multi-purpose membranes for protected roofing & waterproofing applications subjected to different mechanical stresses and normal weathering conditions, and are recommended as a base layer in multi-layer systems in various application. TBM PBG products with higher reinforcement weights, respectively, accommodate applications with moderate, considerable, significant & critical mechanical stresses. TBM membrane series are particularly recommended for the following Applications.

  • Roofing or re-roofing works for sloped and flat protected roofs.
  • Waterproofing of underground structures
  • Waterproofing of wet areas, mechanical rooms and terraces.


TBM PBG is usually applied by using a propane torch or a hot air generator as well as by mechanical fastening. It can also be applied using special adhesives in cold or hot applications. The substrate surface must be clean, dry, smooth, and free from any irregularities. According to the surface conditions, a coat of TBM Mastic primer required prior to the application of the membrane.

TBM Product can be applied to the substrate fully bonded, semi bonded or loose laid, and the method of adhesion to the substrate shall be decided according to the waterproofing system design. Side laps should be from 8-10 cm, while end laps should be from 12-15 cm. For more info on application refer to application guide.


TBM PBG, is launched into the market in rolls 1m wide and 10m long.


Rolls must be vertically stored in roofed-over spaces. If the rolls have to be stored outdoors for a long period of time, then they must be covered with a protective layer in order to protect them against the sunlight. If the rolls are to be stowed without pallets, they are not stacked one on top of another. In palletized stowage, two rows may be stacked one on top of the other.